What to do in a storm in Iceland

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When traveling in Iceland, especially in the winter time it’s highly possible you might experience a storm in Iceland. Storm in Iceland is no joke and warnings for storms should be taken seriously, they are put out there for a reason. Storms in Iceland are quite common through the winter season and you can expect to change your plan according to weather and road conditions when traveling in winter, to learn more about the different season check my blog about it here.

When we are expecting a storm in Iceland the meteorologist office of Iceland sends out a warning for the areas that are going to be dangerous to travel or be around, their website www.vedur.is, has all the information you need about the weather and warnings. Www.road.is is also important for your travel, there you will find information about the road conditions, icy roads and wind are not a good combo. Along with that, you will find all warnings and information that concern your safety while traveling in Iceland on www.safetravel.is, find more helpful website for your travel in Iceland here. It’s very important to look at these websites before heading outside or trying to move between places. The weather and conditions can change in a matter of few hours in Iceland, even though it looked good yesterday evening it doesn’t mean that the conditions are good today. So it is very important to be constantly updated about the conditions and change your plan according to that. It can also be very helpful to ask at your accommodations or places you stay in about the conditions, people are normally happy to talk about the weather in Iceland, and they can give you an inside tell.

Storm in Iceland

If you experience a storm in Iceland there are many things you can do.

First of all, you should respect it, if there are storm warnings and them precise no travel conditions, it means no travel conditions. Icy roads and windy roads are no fun for anyone, save yourself time and effort.

You could go and visit a museum

If you are staying in a town somewhere in Iceland, they will most likely have some kind of museum around and it’s often a really fun thing to do in a storm, especially if you didn’t plan to visit that museum it might surprise you.

Storm in Iceland

Go to the swimming pool

Icelanders are swimming pool addicted, even on a stormy day in Iceland you might have a blast visiting the swimming pool. The swimming pools normally include good hot tubs with temperature from 38-42°celsius, the pool itself is normally around 30-32°, don’t worry about the freezing temperature outside you will be in the warm water. You will find a swimming pool in most towns around Iceland, you can find all of them here www.sundlaugar.is.

Storm in Iceland

Enjoy a good Icelandic film or one that was filmed in Iceland

If there is absolutely no weather for traveling outside even around town, it’s the perfect time to get cozy under a blanket and watch a good movie. Since you are in Iceland why not to watch an Icelandic film or one that was filmed here. Icelandic films could, for example, be Rams, Of horses and men, Volcano, or Jar City, Filmes that have been shot in Iceland could, for example, be Under the Arctic sky, starring Iceland’s only pro surfer Heiðar Logi, Batman begins, Interstellar, Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Oblivion or Die Another Day (James Bond).

Go to a nice coffee house or a bar

Having a hot chocolate or drinking an Icelandic beer is always a good option on a stormy day. You could play cards while enjoying your nice drink or simply plan your upcoming days in Iceland.

What to do in Reykjavík

Eat good food

When there is a crazy storm in Iceland and you don’t really feel like doing much, make sure to eat good food. Good food experience can change any boring day into a very good day. Make the day all about eating new and exciting food, you could try out some Icelandic specialties, traditional food such as sheep head or sheep head jam, Icelandic meat soup or slátur. You can go to the supermarket and buy all kinds of different Icelandic candy and give it a try, I recommend, some licorice, Þristur, different types of Icelandic chocolate and Djúpur, they are my favorite. You can also just eat some very delicious food at different restaurants throughout the day.

These are some of my favorite things to do when there is a storm in Iceland, hope this list gives you some ideas about what you can do if you experience a storm in Iceland. Don’t make bad weather ruin your experience just make the most out of it.

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