The mountain itself is around 454 meters high. It‘s one of few mountains in Iceland made from gabbro in Iceland, we often refer to this type of rock with the name of this place. There used to be an inspection base for the US military until 2000. Now the area is mainly known for photography and it‘s amazing scenery. There is also an old movie set owned by 26 Films in Los Angeles. The movie was supposed to be produced in 2010 but no movie has been filmed there yet. Therefore you can go there and take a look, it’s supposed to be a small Viking village and it‘s interesting to see. They say the movie will be made at some point but most locals are starting to doubt that. It cost you 800, it‘s one of few places in you have to pay to get access, but if the weather is good you will definitely get the best Instagram photo of the mountains from the sand. When you get there you pay by the cafe and then you can drive your car down to the beachside or walk from the cafe to the Viking village I recommend doing both.

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