So your tour is starting here in Reykjavík. Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland with about 123.300 people living there. 2/3 of Iceland’s population lives in the Capital region or about 216,940, the Capital region is seven towns together with Reykjavík.  Ingólfur Arnarson from Norway is believed to be the first settler in Reykjavík around AD 870. He used a Norse method to decide where to live. He cast his high seat pillar (öndvegissúlur) into the ocean as soon as he could see the coastline, then he settled where the pillars came to shore. But it is believed he must have found a good place near a hot spring to live, so that he could keep warm in the winter time, so maybe not exactly where the pillars came to shore. The name of the city is most likely inspired by the hot springs. Reykjavík means Bay of Smoke or Smoky Bay. Reykjavík wasn‘t a populated city until the 18th century. Reykjvík officially became the capital of Iceland in 1786. Around the 19th century, the city starting building up as we know it today. Reykjavík is small city on the world scale, but still has it‘s great charm. The center of Reykjavíks is diverse and everyone should find something to do in Reykjavík or in the capital area. The things I can recommend you to do in Reykjavík are visiting museums, walking around downtown, whale watching or other activity. Reykjavík has a wide range of good restaurants and you can find everything from a cheap meal to a great 5-star meal all depends on your preferences. For a recommendation on what to do in reykjavík check this blog.

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