Reykjadalur is a valley located above the town Hveragerði in the south of Iceland. Reykjadalur means the steam valley and you will see why. Reykjadalur has got pretty popular in the last few years and more and more people visit the valley these days. Reykjadalur is a part of the Hengill area which is a volcanic area covering about 100km2. The last eruption of the area happened about 2000 years ago. The area is a very important source of energy for the south with all its geothermal activity.

Reykjadalur is also a popular place for hot spring bathing, and we recommend you to try that out. The walk starts at the end of the town Hveragerði. First, you drive to the parking lot, from there you will cross a little river and then see a clear path leading you to the hot spring. The walk will take from about 40 minutes up to 1 hour. A big part of the walk is uphill, with a bit of up and down, it can be a bit strenuous and steep at parts. Most people should be able to do it if used to walking a bit and in reasonable health. On the way, you will see dozens of hot springs which are fed with rain and glacier water along with a beautiful view. After a while, you should reach a hot running river, which you will follow for about 20 minutes. Then you will reach a good bathing spot and there is a little deck to change your clothes. When bathing in the river you can move up or down the stream depending on how warm you like it.

Hiking to this area has to be done in a fair weather. Good to check the weather forecast before starting the walk.
Important to have good shoes and shoes that you are used to hiking in. Choose clothes suitable for the weather, always recommend carrying rain

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