Krafla is a caldera about 10 km in diameter with a 90 km long fissure zone, in the north of Iceland in the Mývatn region. Its highest peak reaches up to 818 m and it is 2 km in depth. There have been 29 reported eruptions in recorded history.

Since 1977 the Krafla area has been the source of the geothermal energy used by a 60 MWe power station. A survey undertaken in 2006 indicated very high temperatures at depths of between 3 and 5 km and these conditions have led to the development of the first well from the Iceland Deep Drilling Project, that found magma only 2.1 km deep.

When you drive the road up to the highest crater you can see the power plant on your way which has funny architecture and there is an information center about the power plant if interested.

As well you can find a shower and a bathroom sink in the middle of nowhere, which can make a funny picture.  There used to be a toilet as well now it has a sink instead of the toilet.

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