Hvítserkur is an extraordinary sea stack found in the North of Iceland right off Vatnsnes Peninsula in the bay Húnaflói. People often think it looks like a three-legged creature, a dragon, a rhino or a sea monster. This area is beautiful itself, it has a lot of wildlife in the area.

Hvítserkur rises up about 15 meters (49 ft) from sea level is relatively light in color due to guano but the background of it is black basalt creating the most enchanting contrast. The ocean surf eroded the sea stack into looking like it does today, the locals were afraid that the sea erosion would eventually take Hvítserkur down so the base of it has now been strengthened with concrete.

Hvítserkur was once the plug of a volcano but after years of sea erosion, the other surrounding craters had given in leaving Hvítserkur all alone in the pounding Atlantic Ocean. The form of Hvítserkur has no logical explanation other than these parts of the stack were stronger than the ones around it. The erosion carved the three holes through the basalt which now we think makes it look like a creature.

The area is getting more and more popular so do your best to leave no trace there since it’s still a wonderful natural site.

If you want to be able to get close to the stack you have to think about tidal currents, best to be when the sea level is low.

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