When driving around Hella you might see the mighty Hekla. Hekla is one of the most famous volcanos in Iceland. Hekla is 1491 meters high. Hekla was feared before, it was told to be the gateway to Hell and even considered to be Hell. Nobody dared to climb the mountain until 1750, and they wanted to prove that this was all just a myth. Hekla has erupted quite often in recent times causing destruction in the nearby areas. Hekla erupted last in the year 2000, they predicted that eruption 15 minutes before the eruption. So you better know how to run if you decide to climb the mountain. In the recent years, we have had warnings about the mountain and that it‘s showing signs of eruption, but we are still waiting. One person has died on the mountain when trying to film the eruption of 1947. Hiking on Hekla should only be done with a good knowledge of the outdoors and hiking and proper gear for hiking and navigation. Getting close to the mountains requires a big 4×4 car.

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