Iceland’s tallest waterfall is located in Botnsdalur valley, Hvalfjörður. Leading up to it is a fabulous hiking path that should only be attempted by those not daunted by heights or challenging hikes. Glymur is in the river Botnsá that runs out of Hvalvatn, which is a lake closed by molten lava, some 160 meters deep. In Hvalfjordur in West Iceland, you can stand in awe before Iceland’s highest waterfall. Standing by the fall you’ll have a good view of the surrounding landscape, which is particularly attractive, as Hvalfjordur is widely considered one of Iceland’s most beautiful fjords. The walk is approximately 3 hours roundtrip, will take you from the trailhead at Botnsá river through spectacular scenery including a rock arch and will have you crossing a crystal clear river on a strategically placed log. Important to be dressed according to weather if attempting this hike, really important to check the forecast as well and make sure the conditions are good for hiking.

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