Egilsstaðir has been building up fast in the past years and in the town there live about 2500 people. The town is known as the main shopping and cultural place for the east fjords. Egilsstaðir is one of few places which does not have access to the sea, the town stands inland close to the 3rd largest lake in Iceland called Lagarfljótið it is 35 kilometers long and 114 meters deep. The myth says that there is a huge worm named Lagarfljótsormur. The story is traced back to 1345 a young girl got a golden ring for a gift, she was told that if she would put a worm with the ring into the box the ring, the gold would grow bigger. After few days the box was on the edge of bursting due to the growing of the gold and the worm so she got scared and threw the box with the gold and the worm into the lake and it kept on growing there. People living there got scared of the worm growing so they got a Finnish wizard to come and he chained the worm to the bottom on his head and tail. Since then people claim they have seen some abnormal movements of the lake.

Egilsstaðir have more to offer then a scary worm, they have a nice swimming pool, and campsite, see other pins for that.

A fun thing to do from Egilsstaðir is to drive around the lake there are some nice historical and natural sights to explore when driving around the lake. To drive around the lake you need to follow road 931, in parts you can expect short parts of gravel road, specially on the other side, the road will bring you back to Fellabær. When at the bottom of the valley keep following road 933 to walk up to Hengifoss waterfall, read more about that in the Hengifoss pin. Then you have to come back to road 931 to Fellabær.


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