Dettifoss is the biggest and most powerful waterfall of all in Iceland. The waterfall is around 44 meters high and 100 meters wide, the water pressure is so much you can feel the rock moving almost. You can drive to Dettifoss on both sides both east and west.

Paved road 862 is on the west side of river Jökulsá. The road is passable for normal vehicles from Road number 1 to Dettifoss. This road is normally serviced in the winter time as well. If you drive on the west side you visit the waterfall from the main visitor area. It’s around 20 minutes drive one way from road n°1.

Road 864 toDettifoss on the east side. This is a gravel road and driving speed depends on road conditions each time. Road 864 is closed during winter time due to snow or wet conditions (muddy road) and does not open until early summer (end of May). If you drive on the east side you get rewarded with a better view and fewer people. This road is only open in the summertime and make sure you have a good time to drive it, it can take a few hours to get there if the road is bad.


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