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Is a tuff mountain standing in the middle of the black desert, along with some arctic lupine in the summer. The cliff is a very grown place and a lot of bird life is found in the cliffs. The name Hjörleifshöfði is named after Hjörleif Hróðmarsson, which was the foster brother of Ingólfur Arnarson our first settler, they got separated on their sail to Iceland and Hjörleifur came to land on the cliff and Ingólfur came on land close to Ingólfshöfði, a sea cliff bit further east.…

Ölverk is a brewery in Hveragerði, they opened in 2017 and have gotten extremely popular in a very short matter of time. They use geothermal energy in the brewing process. Check out their website for more info here

If you are in for a burger and beer this is the place to go. Check their website for more information.

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