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We want you to experience Iceland like a local. Whether you want to climb the highest peak of Iceland or travel around our most pouplar attraction we are here to help you to make the trip of your lifetime. We can go hiking, jeeping, skiing or biking, even flying if that’s what you want. Feel free to send us a request about any different tour or project you have in mind.

Solla and Guillaume are certified guides in Iceland. They both have a wide knowledge of traveling in Iceland, learn more about them here. They have worked as mountain guides in Iceland, guiding on the glacier, in the mountains and all over. Solla being born and raised in Iceland, she has all the local information you need and Guillaume being born and raised in the mountains of Chamonix he has expert skills of traveling in the mountains. They have wilderness first responder certification and Solla is EMT, and both of them have extended driving licenses so you are in good hands with them.

Both Guillaume and Solla are very open minded people and traveling in Iceland exploring new places, that is their shared passion. Guillaume has a great passion for photography and protecting our nature, he will know all the best photo spots and makes sure to inform you about how to treat our country with respect. Solla lives for the Icelandic nature and has a special bond with the glaciers, having lived and traveled in and around the glacier since young age she loves nothing more than to share that passion with her fellow travelers.

We can help you find the best photography spots, whether you want to go there by driving, hiking, skiing or biking we want to help you to make your dreams come true. We can take you around the main road, the highlands or if you have something else in mind, we try our best.

Do you dream of doing something different in Iceland? Do you want help in making your custom adventure in Iceland? Then we can help you to make your dreams come true. If you want a private guide for you and your family or friends we can provide that too. Our team is open for many different projects and are willing to assist you with your request.

We are a small local company, we want to get to know our guest and make a connection with them. Therefore we only offer a private tour, so we can make the tour fit your need and so you´ll have the time of your life.

Our biggest goal is to inform our guest about our amazing country and teach them how to respect and treat our fragile nature. Iceland is our home and therefore we want you to experience our country as we do. We want you to connect with our country in your own way. Our motto is to allow you to travel like a local in Iceland.

Feel free to send us a request about any different tours or projects you have in mind.

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